10 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is Proving So Popular in London

Artificial grass, sometimes dismissively called fake grass, has a bad reputation. This come about in the 1980s when there was a mild boom in installations the US, UK and Europe. The artificial grass of the time looked like it was animated by Pixar – bright, garish colours with a distinctive tinsel-like feel underfoot. It was also very bad at doing its job and after a while it just looked terrible.

30 years on

Times change. The technology and build specifications of today’s artificial grass will amaze you, especially if your idea of fake grass is still in the past. The look and feel of our modern products is so realistic that even very close examination will leave you in doubt.

The top ten

Artificial grass is back and increasing in popularity amongst busy professionals, young families and the elderly. We have compiled a list of the top ten reasons why it has become so popular.gallery_schools3

The look.

You can choose which green you want and in what style of grass. Your home will always have a well-groomed garden lawn and never have sun-scorched brown spots or intrusive weeds spoiling the look.

Reclaimed weekends. To keep real grass in check, you have to cut it, feed it and water it every weekend. Not so with artificial products. You always have the perfect lawn without having to lift a finger.

No back-busting labour. As well as reclaiming your spare time you are saving your back and shoulders from the rigours of mowing and weeding. This factor, we have found, is key to retired homeowners who wish to enjoy their outdoor space without the effort required with real grass.

Cost. There is an initial cost to purchase and install artificial grass but after that the saving start mounting up. Have you ever worked out how much the on-going cost of real grass is? The power or petrol to the mower, the lawn feed, the watering, etc.

Good business sense. Businesses have to keep an eye on expenditure as well as the prestige of their offices. When taking point 1 and point 4 above and factoring in the cost of a grounds keeper etc. many businesses are now making the switch.

Children and pet safe. Artificial grass is toxin free and during installation, a layer of cushioning is installed to help with drainage and to a give a bit of bounce underfoot. It is a very child-friendly product.

No mud! Muddy footprints and paw prints are a thing of the past, even in winter or wet weather

Environmentally friendly. Artificial grass uses a lot of recycled rubber in the cushioning and drainage components. These are tyres that would otherwise go to landfill.

Pest resistant. Imagine it, you have opted for real grass, spent you Saturday and/or Sunday mowing, weeding and pruning. The lawn is looking nice and you are happy. The next morning you wake to find a mole has paid a visit and left his mark. It happens. But not with artificial grass.

Heat. One of the concerns raised about artificial grass in America was that it retained the sun’s heat during the day and emanated it back later in the evening. When considering the cost-to-savings, air-conditioning-dependant Americans found this factor to be a minus point. For us shivery Brits however, it is a massive plus point; effectively underfloor heating for your garden on those summer night BBQs and garden parties.


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