Where to Install Artificial Grass – A Quick Look

The growing demand for artificial grass installation throughout London is being driven by the desire of property owners to make their life easier without compromising on the look or quality of their garden. The quality of artificial grass has improved significantly in recent years and there has also been a strong level of development in different types of artificial grass. Whether you are looking for a new lawn for your garden or you are looking for a sporting surface that is suitable all year round, artificial grass will provide you with the answer you are looking for.

There is also the fact that there is a growing array of colours and materials on offer with respect to artificial grass. If you are looking for something that adds a stylish benefit to your home, perhaps as a featured path or as a walkway around a swimming pool, it is possible to create something truly unique and stylish at your property. Some of the more outlandish artificial grass will require an additional dressing to be effective but the vast majority of lawns will be ready for use without any extra work.

What do you want to use the artificial grass for?

When it comes to different surfaces for different sort of activities, the length of pile is what you should be focusing on. If you intend to have a wide range of activities on your surface, including football, you’ll find that a 20mm pile with sand infill is the most sensible option. This is because the level of infill helps to minimise any wear and tear and it also provides a better level of grip in running and turning. When the surface is being used for a milder level of activity, such as bowling, croquet or putting, a pile of 13mm is suitable, and this is also the preferred pile for surfaces being used as a pathway or installed on a patio.

Other popular pile lengths include 24mm, 37mm and 40mm, all of which provide a natural look while offering comfort and safety for all users. If you plan on creating a surface where children can play, you’ll find that adding a safety shock pad is a sensible move. This style of surface comes in a tiled format, it complies with all child safety regulations and it can be fitted in a quick and convenient manner. This style of surface is particular suitable for use around climbing frames, steps and chutes.

No matter what style of surface you opt for, it is imperative that you ensure the new grass is installed to the highest standard. When you receive artificial grass you will receive full instructions for laying the surface but many people decide it is best to have the artificial grass firm install the new surface for them. The installation process is a simple one, and is either laid on a bed that has been prepared or glued straight onto a slabbed or concrete surface. This is a task that anyone with patience will be able to take care of but to ensure the long term benefits of installing, it is often best to rely on the professionals that lay artificial grass on a regular basis. This will add to the cost of artificial grass but the benefits that come from having the surface installed effectively will usually provide great comfort and peace of mind.



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