If you are a dog owner or indeed any other kind of pet owner, and you are considering artificial grass for your garden, you may be wondering how your faithful friend will react to this new feature of the environment. Artificial Grass for dogs in London is becoming hugely popular, fake grass and pets seem to be a match made in heaven with more and more pet owners opting for the artificial alternative to grass.  You may have questions regarding the practical implications of artificial grass with regard to dogs and other pets. The good news is that dogs take to artificial grass quite readily which means you can enjoy the convenience and low maintenance of an artificial lawn without having to worry that your pet will in any way dislike it.

Artificial Grass is Ideal For Both Dogs and Dog Owners!

Dogs can enjoy artificial grass whatever the weather and there are also many advantages to artificial grass over a real lawn for pet owners. One of the most obvious benefits is that you will no longer have the dilemma of dirty paws after it rains. You may find, as many pet owners do, that your dog is averse to lawn-mowing and may become distraught or make a lot of noise when the lawnmower is trundled out. With artificial grass this will happily become a thing of the past as your four-legged friend will never again be inconvenienced by lawn-mowing sessions or the application of weed-killer, fertiliser and the like.

If your dog likes to dig, artificial grass is a good solution to maintaining a neat and tidy garden. An artificial lawn will be durable enough to withstand the attentions of your dogs paws and will not have any unsightly holes where your dog is attempting to conceal his bone. Artificial grass is also very easy to wipe clean after your pet has done his business. It’s no wonder that artificial grass is a popular option for many kennels.

Man playing on a artificial lawn with his dogSuper Pet Friendly

Artificial turf is safe and non-toxic for pets so you needn’t worry about any health implications when considering laying an artificial lawn if you are a dog owner. In fact, laying artificial turf can actually have positive health implications for dog owners as there is less chance of lungworm occurring. Also the fact that you won’t need weed-killer or the like is another reason that artificial grass is a popular choice. Dogs Barn wrote an in depth post about pet friendly fake lawns here and it explains more about fake turf for those seeking a safe, pet-friendly alternative to a real lawn.

The soft texture of artificial grass is comfortable for dogs and other pets so you needn’t worry that your best friend won’t like your new synthetic lawn. As artificial grass won’t freeze over during the winter months, your pet will have a comfortable surface upon which to get some outdoor exercise even on cold days. Aesthetically speaking, synthetic grass looks pristine all year round with a minimum of maintenance. With a real lawn dogs can cause brown spots and other issues that negatively impact the health and appearance of real grass. It’s little surprise that many pet owners opt for artificial lawns; nowadays synthetic grass is not only incredibly realistic in appearance but it is also assuredly robust and can therefore ably withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of use by a pet.

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