Yes. Some cheaper artificial grass products can be instantly recognised as being fake. We supply high-quality products that will leave even the keenest eye in doubt, even under close inspection.

Our products come with a standard 8-year guarantee, however, when laid properly and looked after with the minimum of maintenance you could get up to 20 years use.

To ensure the longevity of your investment, it is wise to conduct an annual inspection of the turf, the joints and the fixings.  We can arrange to carry this MOT-style inspection for you and correct any issues that might be found.

No. some fake grass can fade, but we only sell products that are designed to withstand the sun’s effects. If you buy your artificial grass from us it will not lose its colour.

Our products are designed for the outdoors and in the UK this means rain. Lots and lots of rain. The grass and turf can be submerged without any damage or adverse effects. As for the drainage capability, the turf will drain any amount of water as it is porous and designed for the outdoors. The drainage capability of your ground is the only limiting factor. Correct installation will maximise the efficiency of drainage to your lawn.

No. The turf can be laid on a slope if required. The more severe the slope, the more consideration you should give to what type of fixing you will need to keep it in place, but it can be done. The one thing that artificial grass does need however is an even surface. Dips and bumps need to be filled and removed.

Yes. Artificial grass is non-toxic and cushioned. It is much safer than real grass or concrete. Artificial grass is quickly becoming the floor surface of choice for many schools and nurseries.

Yes. Artificial grass presents no hazard to pets at all.

If your dog urinates on the artificial grass you can simply wash it away with a hose pipe. It will not affect the grass if you want to use some soap or disinfectant too, but just water is sufficient to prevent any staining or smells If your dog goes a step further, like with real grass, you will need to remove the offending item. You can then wash away any remnants with your hose pipe. Again a small amount of washing-up liquid or disinfectant won’t do any harm.

Yes, it’s true. In the unlikely event that the UK gets enough sun to make your artificial grass too hot you will need to take a few precautionary steps. Firstly, keep children and pets away and then sprinkle the surface with water. This should cool it down sufficiently to walk on and for children/pets to play. Monitor the temperature and reapply water if necessary. On the flip side to this, should you have enough sun to heat up the grass to these levels, you are in for a treat later in the evening as the artificial surface will hold the warmth and emanate it back as the evening cools. Perfect for sitting or lying down and looking up at the stars.

No, not really.  Our artificial grass is made from recycled tyres that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Add to this that anyone considering artificial grass is probably tired of maintaining real grass and their other options may include concrete or tarmac. If the grass is going to go, it might as well save landfill a few dozen tyres.

Yes you can and if it’s done right the effect will be amazing. Simply anchor it down with plant pots or other heavy items along the edges to prevent movement.

Yes. Click through our gallery of pictures to get an idea of what we offer however, nothing beats running your fingers through the actual product in our showroom. If you are serious about artificial grass, come and visit us.

Yes. There is no reason why not.

Artificial grass is not suitable for anywhere that a car might park on it. Although it could potentially take the weight of a car, it could not take the lateral or sideways pressure from the wheels. You would also need to consider if there is going to be any heavy sports taking place on the surface. Whereas toddlers having a kick about with dad is fine, if your teenagers are planning a rugby match or a wrestle-mania Battle Royale with their mates however, that is a different matter. Heavy use requires stronger fixings to prevent movement and potential damage. When you discuss your purchase with us, make sure you let us know if there is likely to be any special usage of the turf. We can then help you find the right turf with the right fixings.

Yes. See our DIY installation guide

We have artificial turf on 4m and 2m rolls and the rolls extend to 25m. It can be cut to any length or shape and by joining lengths together it can cover any surface area.

Yes. It won’t catch fire and burn away however, fire will damage the turf so you can’t have a bonfire on it and you should take care with the placement of a chiminea or fire pit.


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