As fake grass for gardens across London keeps getting better, the debate about what is better between artificial grass and natural grass is becoming a more heated debate with people holding very firm opinions when it comes to their preferred option. There will be some people who are so entrenched in their beliefs that no […]

If you are a dog owner or indeed any other kind of pet owner, and you are considering artificial grass for your garden, you may be wondering how your faithful friend will react to this new feature of the environment. Artificial Grass for dogs in London is becoming hugely popular, fake grass and pets seem […]

Artificial grass, sometimes dismissively called fake grass, has a bad reputation. This come about in the 1980s when there was a mild boom in installations the US, UK and Europe. The artificial grass of the time looked like it was animated by Pixar – bright, garish colours with a distinctive tinsel-like feel underfoot. It was […]

If you are looking for a genuine alternative to grass in London, you will probably have undertaken a lot of research and learned that there are a number of benefits. In the long term, the cost saving and being able to have more time to yourself are clear reasons why people are investing in artificial […]

The growing demand for artificial grass installation throughout London is being driven by the desire of property owners to make their life easier without compromising on the look or quality of their garden. The quality of artificial grass has improved significantly in recent years and there has also been a strong level of development in […]

More and more people are choosing fake lawns over the natural option, but there are still many more people yet to be convinced or swayed by the benefits of this surface. It is an option that is more affordable than natural grass and there is less time and effort required to maintain the grass, although […]

It is only natural, if you pardon the pun, that many people will prefer natural grass to artificial grass. However, the time, effort and cost involved with maintaining a good standard of lawn is causing an increasing number of London property owners turn to the idea of having artificial grass installed. Once you move beyond […]