As fake grass for gardens across London keeps getting better, the debate about what is better between artificial grass and natural grass is becoming a more heated debate with people holding very firm opinions when it comes to their preferred option. There will be some people who are so entrenched in their beliefs that no argument would sway them but there are people who just care about having the best solution for their garden or property. These are the people most interested in finding out what is better between artificial and natural grass.

Artificial turf has been with us for over 50 years, many people citing the Houston Astrodome’s 1966 turf as the first time they were aware of this new phenomenon and we have come a long way in the past 5 decades. The rate of progress made by the people behind artificial grass has led to the “fake versus real” debate being a genuine one, but it is important to bear in mind that we aren’t on opposing teams, we all want the best lawns and gardens.

Artificial grass isn’t a bad decision for the environment

One longstanding argument that natural grass enthusiasts have had is that natural grass is better for the environment. This is no longer the case and it may be that the products used by many gardeners to keep their “natural” grass in such good condition are not as natural as they like, causing damage to wildlife and having a negative impact on the environment. The difference between the maintenance of natural grass and how to maintain artificial grass with respect to the environment is often negligible, so this is no longer an argument for natural grass growers to rely on. Artificial grass doesn’t require the use of lawnmowers, which can help to reduce carbon emissions, there is no need to use water to keep it looking lush and artificial grass isn’t damaging to wildlife, so this is no longer an argument that natural grass enthusiasts can call on.

When it comes to championing artificial grass, the same arguments remain true and relevant, it is just that it is now backed up by better looking artificial grass! This style of grass can stand up to all manner of weather conditions, which when you consider the weather at the beginning of 2016 in the UK, has to be seen as a positive thing. There is also the fact that natural grass needs a lot of love and attention to care for it, and in the modern era, who has the time to care for their garden? You could hire a gardener but this is then incurring cost that you could use in other ways.

Personal taste will always impact on the final decision made about artificial grass

For many people, the real difference comes in how the turf looks and with modern artificial grass, it can be very difficult to tell the difference. If you are willing to invest in good quality artificial grass, you will get a positive return on your money that will convince most people and certainly please the vast majority of people that use.

When it comes to deciding between natural or artificial grass, it is up to the individual to decide. Your budget, your amount of spare time and how important “natural” is to you will all impact on your choice but remember, with artificial grass now looking as appealing as natural grass in many situations, you can have the brilliance of natural looking grass without the time, work and effort required to obtain a stunning lawn.

If you are a dog owner or indeed any other kind of pet owner, and you are considering artificial grass for your garden, you may be wondering how your faithful friend will react to this new feature of the environment. Artificial Grass for dogs in London is becoming hugely popular, fake grass and pets seem to be a match made in heaven with more and more pet owners opting for the artificial alternative to grass.  You may have questions regarding the practical implications of artificial grass with regard to dogs and other pets. The good news is that dogs take to artificial grass quite readily which means you can enjoy the convenience and low maintenance of an artificial lawn without having to worry that your pet will in any way dislike it.

Artificial Grass is Ideal For Both Dogs and Dog Owners!

Dogs can enjoy artificial grass whatever the weather and there are also many advantages to artificial grass over a real lawn for pet owners. One of the most obvious benefits is that you will no longer have the dilemma of dirty paws after it rains. You may find, as many pet owners do, that your dog is averse to lawn-mowing and may become distraught or make a lot of noise when the lawnmower is trundled out. With artificial grass this will happily become a thing of the past as your four-legged friend will never again be inconvenienced by lawn-mowing sessions or the application of weed-killer, fertiliser and the like.

If your dog likes to dig, artificial grass is a good solution to maintaining a neat and tidy garden. An artificial lawn will be durable enough to withstand the attentions of your dogs paws and will not have any unsightly holes where your dog is attempting to conceal his bone. Artificial grass is also very easy to wipe clean after your pet has done his business. It’s no wonder that artificial grass is a popular option for many kennels.

Man playing on a artificial lawn with his dogSuper Pet Friendly

Artificial turf is safe and non-toxic for pets so you needn’t worry about any health implications when considering laying an artificial lawn if you are a dog owner. In fact, laying artificial turf can actually have positive health implications for dog owners as there is less chance of lungworm occurring. Also the fact that you won’t need weed-killer or the like is another reason that artificial grass is a popular choice. Dogs Barn wrote an in depth post about pet friendly fake lawns here and it explains more about fake turf for those seeking a safe, pet-friendly alternative to a real lawn.

The soft texture of artificial grass is comfortable for dogs and other pets so you needn’t worry that your best friend won’t like your new synthetic lawn. As artificial grass won’t freeze over during the winter months, your pet will have a comfortable surface upon which to get some outdoor exercise even on cold days. Aesthetically speaking, synthetic grass looks pristine all year round with a minimum of maintenance. With a real lawn dogs can cause brown spots and other issues that negatively impact the health and appearance of real grass. It’s little surprise that many pet owners opt for artificial lawns; nowadays synthetic grass is not only incredibly realistic in appearance but it is also assuredly robust and can therefore ably withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of use by a pet.

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Artificial grass, sometimes dismissively called fake grass, has a bad reputation. This come about in the 1980s when there was a mild boom in installations the US, UK and Europe. The artificial grass of the time looked like it was animated by Pixar – bright, garish colours with a distinctive tinsel-like feel underfoot. It was also very bad at doing its job and after a while it just looked terrible.

30 years on

Times change. The technology and build specifications of today’s artificial grass will amaze you, especially if your idea of fake grass is still in the past. The look and feel of our modern products is so realistic that even very close examination will leave you in doubt.

The top ten

Artificial grass is back and increasing in popularity amongst busy professionals, young families and the elderly. We have compiled a list of the top ten reasons why it has become so popular.gallery_schools3

The look.

You can choose which green you want and in what style of grass. Your home will always have a well-groomed garden lawn and never have sun-scorched brown spots or intrusive weeds spoiling the look.

Reclaimed weekends. To keep real grass in check, you have to cut it, feed it and water it every weekend. Not so with artificial products. You always have the perfect lawn without having to lift a finger.

No back-busting labour. As well as reclaiming your spare time you are saving your back and shoulders from the rigours of mowing and weeding. This factor, we have found, is key to retired homeowners who wish to enjoy their outdoor space without the effort required with real grass.

Cost. There is an initial cost to purchase and install artificial grass but after that the saving start mounting up. Have you ever worked out how much the on-going cost of real grass is? The power or petrol to the mower, the lawn feed, the watering, etc.

Good business sense. Businesses have to keep an eye on expenditure as well as the prestige of their offices. When taking point 1 and point 4 above and factoring in the cost of a grounds keeper etc. many businesses are now making the switch.

Children and pet safe. Artificial grass is toxin free and during installation, a layer of cushioning is installed to help with drainage and to a give a bit of bounce underfoot. It is a very child-friendly product.

No mud! Muddy footprints and paw prints are a thing of the past, even in winter or wet weather

Environmentally friendly. Artificial grass uses a lot of recycled rubber in the cushioning and drainage components. These are tyres that would otherwise go to landfill.

Pest resistant. Imagine it, you have opted for real grass, spent you Saturday and/or Sunday mowing, weeding and pruning. The lawn is looking nice and you are happy. The next morning you wake to find a mole has paid a visit and left his mark. It happens. But not with artificial grass.

Heat. One of the concerns raised about artificial grass in America was that it retained the sun’s heat during the day and emanated it back later in the evening. When considering the cost-to-savings, air-conditioning-dependant Americans found this factor to be a minus point. For us shivery Brits however, it is a massive plus point; effectively underfloor heating for your garden on those summer night BBQs and garden parties.

If you are looking for a genuine alternative to grass in London, you will probably have undertaken a lot of research and learned that there are a number of benefits. In the long term, the cost saving and being able to have more time to yourself are clear reasons why people are investing in artificial grass, but there are some instances and areas where artificial grass is the obvious solution.

Some areas where artificial grass has benefits over natural grass include:

  • If you have a shaded area where it is difficult to grow grass
  • If you have an area of grass that is used heavily
  • Where you just don’t have the time, inclination or energy to maintain the grass in the manner that you should

If you have decided that artificial grass is the answer, you’ll find that there are a number of different options available to you. Where you are installing will depend on which grass you use. There is artificial grass in different lengths of pile, there are different textures and you can even find artificial grass in different shades of green. If you are keen to create a specific style at your property, the variety of artificial grass options will ensure that there is something for everyone. From artificial grass used for lawns to specialist artificial grass used for sporting activities such as croquet, bowling or putting, the possibilities are almost endless, perhaps only limited by your own budget or imagination.

The cost of artificial grass can be justified

When it comes to justifying expenditure on artificial grass, studies suggest that if you have a standard level of maintenance and upkeep for your lawn, you will recoup the cost of buying artificial grass and having it installed within a year and a half. When you consider this against the fact that artificial grass can last for twenty years, and comes with a minimum five years guarantee, this is a decision that is more than justifiable with respect to cost.

Some of the places where artificial grass can be used effectively include:

  • On paths and even as doormats
  • A more stylish and manageable decking flooring solution for patios
  • Around any swimming pools, Jacuzzis or hot-tubs
  • In an entrance porch or drying room at your property

There is also a lot to be said for the fact that artificial grass is an ideal surface for play. If you have kids at home and you want to create a safe and welcoming play area, installing artificial grass will meet your needs. Many homeowners find that laying artificial grass directly onto surfaces such as tarmac, slabs or concrete makes an area much safer while minimising the cost of transforming the area. Ideally you would lay your artificial grass on a prepared surface but depending on time or budget, this is a solution that can work with your circumstances as opposed to you having to undergo a major overhaul of your home or property.

It is always of benefit to reiterate the key benefits of artificial grass and if you are considering this option, the following features are on offer:

  • Artificial grass looks like real grass
  • You can prevent mud and clippings being dragged into your home
  • Artificial grass offers a safe and clean surface
  • Artificial grass is an ideal surface for socialising
  • Artificial grass requires very little maintenance
  • With artificial grass, you don’t need to mow the lawn, deal with weeds or spend money on garden maintenance products


The growing demand for artificial grass installation throughout London is being driven by the desire of property owners to make their life easier without compromising on the look or quality of their garden. The quality of artificial grass has improved significantly in recent years and there has also been a strong level of development in different types of artificial grass. Whether you are looking for a new lawn for your garden or you are looking for a sporting surface that is suitable all year round, artificial grass will provide you with the answer you are looking for.

There is also the fact that there is a growing array of colours and materials on offer with respect to artificial grass. If you are looking for something that adds a stylish benefit to your home, perhaps as a featured path or as a walkway around a swimming pool, it is possible to create something truly unique and stylish at your property. Some of the more outlandish artificial grass will require an additional dressing to be effective but the vast majority of lawns will be ready for use without any extra work.

What do you want to use the artificial grass for?

When it comes to different surfaces for different sort of activities, the length of pile is what you should be focusing on. If you intend to have a wide range of activities on your surface, including football, you’ll find that a 20mm pile with sand infill is the most sensible option. This is because the level of infill helps to minimise any wear and tear and it also provides a better level of grip in running and turning. When the surface is being used for a milder level of activity, such as bowling, croquet or putting, a pile of 13mm is suitable, and this is also the preferred pile for surfaces being used as a pathway or installed on a patio.

Other popular pile lengths include 24mm, 37mm and 40mm, all of which provide a natural look while offering comfort and safety for all users. If you plan on creating a surface where children can play, you’ll find that adding a safety shock pad is a sensible move. This style of surface comes in a tiled format, it complies with all child safety regulations and it can be fitted in a quick and convenient manner. This style of surface is particular suitable for use around climbing frames, steps and chutes.

No matter what style of surface you opt for, it is imperative that you ensure the new grass is installed to the highest standard. When you receive artificial grass you will receive full instructions for laying the surface but many people decide it is best to have the artificial grass firm install the new surface for them. The installation process is a simple one, and is either laid on a bed that has been prepared or glued straight onto a slabbed or concrete surface. This is a task that anyone with patience will be able to take care of but to ensure the long term benefits of installing, it is often best to rely on the professionals that lay artificial grass on a regular basis. This will add to the cost of artificial grass but the benefits that come from having the surface installed effectively will usually provide great comfort and peace of mind.


More and more people are choosing fake lawns over the natural option, but there are still many more people yet to be convinced or swayed by the benefits of this surface. It is an option that is more affordable than natural grass and there is less time and effort required to maintain the grass, although it is important to know that it isn’t a 100% maintenance free solution. Sadly, the technology behind artificial grass hasn’t reached the stage where it can be laid and left for the rest of time, but you should find that a few steps will help you to enjoy a great looking and safe grass for many years to come.

Maintenance just after installation

In the days after the grass has been laid at your property, you may see an excessive amount of sand on the surface. This is entirely normal and all it takes is a brush or sweep to remove excess grass. This will not only improve the appearance of your lawn, it will help excess sand to make its way to the infill underneath the surface.

Maintaining the surface

You’ll be delighted to know that your new grass will require very little maintenance and you will never need to fertilise your lawn, weed it or even mow it! However, you may find that debris such as leaves will land on your lawn, and to maintain the appearance of your lawn, you should remove them with a leaf-blower or plastic rake. You may find that dust settles on your lawn after a while but equally, you’ll find that rain will take care of dust. If you are concerned about static build-up, the use of fabric softener can minimise this from happening at your lawn. Apart from that, the only maintenance work you need to undertake is removing any rubbish or organic matter from the lawn.

Stain removal

You’ll find that this style of grass is very resistant to stains but if you suffer any liquid stains, you should look to clean these quickly with a cloth, mop or sponge. The sooner you attack a stain, the more likely you can remove it with a minimum of damage. You will also find that spillages can be removed by water from a hose but if you need something stronger, for dealing with coffee, alcohol or juice stains, warm water with a household cleaner or detergent product will provide you with a viable cleaning solution.

How to maintain your artificial grass if you have pets

Artificial grass lawns for dogs and pets are becoming huge. Synthetic grass is actually a very pet friendly surface, and if your pet urinates on the surface, running water will remove it. To remove the smell of this action, diluted household detergent can help. If your pet has fouled the turf, be sure to remove it as quickly as possible and then check for stains, which should be dealt with using warm water and a cleaning detergent.

Other things to consider including warm temperatures and a lot of people using your artificial grass. If the weather is continually warm, it makes sense to spray water on your grass, but this is as much about ensuring people can walk on the grass safely as opposed to maintaining the quality of the grass. If you find that areas of the grass are indenting due to use, adding infill sand to the affected areas will help restore the appearance of the grass.


It is only natural, if you pardon the pun, that many people will prefer natural grass to artificial grass. However, the time, effort and cost involved with maintaining a good standard of lawn is causing an increasing number of London property owners turn to the idea of having artificial grass installed. Once you move beyond the cost of installation, artificial grass provides a strong return on your investment and you should find that artificial grass pays for itself in a short period of time.

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it is so suitable for the average home or family. It is good to make the most out of any good weather that we have and allowing your loved ones to enjoy fresh air is something that is important for people. An artificial surface can withstand a considerable level of play and even when toys and bikes are used, the surface will remain in good condition. Artificial grass can also withstand furniture being placed on it and you are looking to have a barbecue, you’ll find that artificial grass is a suitable surface. This is a surface that is stain and fire resistant so you can socialise in great confidence. Add in the fact that artificial grass is pet-friendly, it can be cleaned in an easy manner and artificial grass looks great in shaded areas where grass may not grow, and you have a surface that is suitable for all homes and needs.

There is a wide range of artificial grass solutions

A positive thing about the increasing demand for artificial grass is that there is a growing range of options and product types. Depending on the intended use for the surfaces, you should find that there is an artificial grass type that is perfect for you. If you are keen to enjoy a luxurious looking style of grass, a 40mm pile length will provide you with a soft and lush feel. If you are looking to create a play area for kids or a surface that will be used in a number of different ways, a 24mm pile is suitable and if you are looking to enjoy a putting, croquet or bowling lawn, the 13mm pile length will be the surface best suited to your needs. There is even the option to mix these grades together, which can provide the appearance of natural grass which has been cut to different lengths. If you are looking to use your lawn in a number of different ways, this may be the solution that provides you with the best value for money and return on your investment.