Artificial Grass Maintenance – How To Look After Your Grass

More and more people are choosing fake lawns over the natural option, but there are still many more people yet to be convinced or swayed by the benefits of this surface. It is an option that is more affordable than natural grass and there is less time and effort required to maintain the grass, although it is important to know that it isn’t a 100% maintenance free solution. Sadly, the technology behind artificial grass hasn’t reached the stage where it can be laid and left for the rest of time, but you should find that a few steps will help you to enjoy a great looking and safe grass for many years to come.

Maintenance just after installation

In the days after the grass has been laid at your property, you may see an excessive amount of sand on the surface. This is entirely normal and all it takes is a brush or sweep to remove excess grass. This will not only improve the appearance of your lawn, it will help excess sand to make its way to the infill underneath the surface.

Maintaining the surface

You’ll be delighted to know that your new grass will require very little maintenance and you will never need to fertilise your lawn, weed it or even mow it! However, you may find that debris such as leaves will land on your lawn, and to maintain the appearance of your lawn, you should remove them with a leaf-blower or plastic rake. You may find that dust settles on your lawn after a while but equally, you’ll find that rain will take care of dust. If you are concerned about static build-up, the use of fabric softener can minimise this from happening at your lawn. Apart from that, the only maintenance work you need to undertake is removing any rubbish or organic matter from the lawn.

Stain removal

You’ll find that this style of grass is very resistant to stains but if you suffer any liquid stains, you should look to clean these quickly with a cloth, mop or sponge. The sooner you attack a stain, the more likely you can remove it with a minimum of damage. You will also find that spillages can be removed by water from a hose but if you need something stronger, for dealing with coffee, alcohol or juice stains, warm water with a household cleaner or detergent product will provide you with a viable cleaning solution.

How to maintain your artificial grass if you have pets

Artificial grass lawns for dogs and pets are becoming huge. Synthetic grass is actually a very pet friendly surface, and if your pet urinates on the surface, running water will remove it. To remove the smell of this action, diluted household detergent can help. If your pet has fouled the turf, be sure to remove it as quickly as possible and then check for stains, which should be dealt with using warm water and a cleaning detergent.

Other things to consider including warm temperatures and a lot of people using your artificial grass. If the weather is continually warm, it makes sense to spray water on your grass, but this is as much about ensuring people can walk on the grass safely as opposed to maintaining the quality of the grass. If you find that areas of the grass are indenting due to use, adding infill sand to the affected areas will help restore the appearance of the grass.



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