When it comes to deciding between natural grass and artificial grass, it can be difficult because there are many things to take on board. For many people, the natural solution is the best solution but when you think about the attractive nature of artificial grass and the fact that it can be achieved with a minimal level of time, cost and effort, the artificial option is the right choice for many people. The decision you make will probably owe a lot to what you as a person are like, but it is clear that the cost of artificial and natural lawns will make a difference, so it makes sense to think about the cost options.

One of the problems in comparing artificial and natural grass with respect to cost is that the cost of artificial grass is all up front. If you are looking to artificially turf a garden of 500 square feet, you would be looking at a price that is three times the cost of installing sod over the same area. However, in the long run, there is very little costs to add to the price of artificial turf while the costs involved with maintaining natural grass can really add up. It will be of benefit to think about how long you plan on staying in your current home and the level of work you are willing to put in to maintain the appearance of your turf. You’ll never need to mow artificial grass, you won’t need to add fertiliser or use weed killer and you won’t need to replace turf when it is worn and damaged.

You need to weigh up what is important to you

This means you should also think about the amount of work involved with caring for your lawn. If you opt for artificial grass, you don’t need to care about:

  • How much sunlight your garden received
  • Maintaining a lawn during a drought period
  • Fertilising your lawn
  • Looking for an removing weeds
  • Trimming the edges of your lawn
  • Mowing the lawn

These are all tasks that have to be carried out if you have a natural lawn, and this will eat into your leisure time, or it will cost you money to hire a professional to take care of it for you. This is why opting for an artificial lawn may be the most sensible option when it comes to caring for your garden. There is a small amount of maintenance required for artificial lawns but not a lot, and it will mainly conist of occasionally raking leaves and looking for stains.

This makes the choice between artificial and natural grass a very personal one. There is a higher initial cost of installing artificial grass at your London property but if you are looking to enjoy your home and garden for many years, this cost is more than justified. You’ll also find that artificial cost vastly reduces the amount of time you have to spend maintaining your garden, which gives you more time to enjoy the lush and beautiful appearance of your garden.